Pocophone f1

Pocophone f1 is still the best budget gaming smartphone but recently from last updates, the users are facing some touch lag issue and today we have found a solution for you

To solve the issue first go into the settings then scroll down and tap on the dual app and then just create a dual app of pubg mobile and this will create a secondary space for pubg mobile and you will found it in your app drawer and just try this method

this method will surely solve your touch lag issue and the game will run smoothly too and if you face any frame drop or lag then maybe your game booster is not activated for new pubg or your device is not fully optimized

To fully optimize your device you will need to go to the security app then tap on optimizing it will optimize your device and then go to game speed booster and just add the new pubg mobile

Hope this method will help you out, if you face any other issue related to this then tell u by commenting down below


  1. Thank you, but which one out of 2 pubg app should we use for the better touch in game. (The pubg installed or the second pubg created from dual mode option)

    1. thank you for asking and you will need to use the dual one (the new one), and you can hide the real one so you can always play the better one and the previous one will also be in your device and do share this solution if you found it working

  2. Sir, their is still touch issue in game . Don’t you have other solution for it? It is making my game experience worse.

    1. Thanks you for asking,but currently i don’t have any other solution ,but you can minimise that touch issue by optimising your device or you can go into settings and download the latest update file ,it may improve your lag and if it doesn’t work then you can shift from stable to beta and are you using the dual app of pubgm? I mean the new one*

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