PUBG Mobile v0.13.0 Latest update

PUBG Mobile

On 12th June 2019, PUBG mobile has released a new update v0.13.0 with a lot of changes and new features

first let us know about whats new in this update

  • Team Deathmatch Mode – this mode is also known as 4v4 team mode, in which two teams of 4 players each fight with each other and this mode can also be created as own room with room cards
  • Separate Control Setting For FPP Mode – in controls setting now there are separate control settings for FPP mode
  • Upgraded 3rd Party App Prevention System – improved and enhanced detection system for cheater via virtual apps, emulators and modifiers
  • MVP Showcase System – at the end of each match all player will receive a default MVP pose
  • Footprints In Vikendi Map
  • Climbing Button – it can be enabled in setting
  • Lose Merit Or Not – now the player can decide whether the teammate should lose merit or not when killed by friendly fire
  • Godzilla theme – Godzilla themed lobby background
  • Popularity Gifts And Ranking Rewards
  • Charisma Ranking – the permanent outfit and firearm/vehicle finishes collected by a player will increase their charism

New achievements

  • Victory Legion: Complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating in Team Deathmatch
  • Alpha And Omega: Get the First kill and final blow in a Team Deathmatch
  • T-800: achieve Terminator 1 time in Team Deathmatch
  • Envoy of war: Complete a series of missions in Team Deathmatch

Other Improvements

Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night changes:

  • The old zombies have been replaced by 4 types of new zombies
  • Liquid Nitrogen Grenades now leave behind a cloud of freezing smoke on the ground for a long period, reducing the movement speed of any unit in the area
  • Added new mode combat modifiers
  • Certain zombies now have new abilities
  • A new factory has replaced the police station

Inventory improvements:

  • Players can now combine items in batches
  • Equipped items will be displayed on top
  • Duplicated new items will no longer be indicated by a red dot and the “new” tag
  • The Backpack and Helmet tabs have been moved to the Customization tab.

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